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Jürgen Klopp Shares His 2016 Resolutions for Liverpool FC

The manager looks back on 2015 while thinking ahead to the new year and what he hopes will be in store for his club.

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In the vast majority of the world right now, it's officially 2016. Yesterday the world was awash in folks reminiscing about the year that was 2015, and today it's all forgotten in favour of optimism about what is yet to come in the new year. Jürgen Klopp spanned both approaches on in an interview on Thursday.

"2015 has been a good year, I had the longest holiday in my life," Klopp said, referring to the sabbatical he took after managing his final match with Borussia Dortmund. "And the biggest change in my life too. I changed a country, it's good. It's been a good year for me personally, 2015, if you look outside what happened in the world it's not a real good year, but personally it was a really good year."

It's true, many things in the world sucked in 2015 and, let's face it, will continue to suck in 2016. But that's not to say Liverpool should or will suck, and Klopp has a fair few resolutions of his own about where he hopes to see his team by the end of the season.

"To win more points than the first half [of the season] - that's a good one!" Klopp joked. "To get as far as possible in all the cups, that's what we want. Now with Capital One Cup and Europa league - okay the Europa is in February - we have four games more than most other teams, that's an intensive moment. It's because we were successful and now we have to deal with it."

Indeed. For all the talk of how busy England's holiday period is, followed by the additional business that is the resumption of cup competitions early in the new year, more matches than your opponents means you're doing something right. For Klopp, it could mean his first opportunity to contend with silverware for Liverpool, something that fans will be more than alright to "deal" with if he succeeds.

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