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Enrique Vows To Fight For Spot, Quits Social Media

In a sad turn of events, Jose Enrique has deactivated his Twitter and Instagram pages, and decided to "focus on football." Say it ain't so, Jose!

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Liverpool supporters have had a difficult start to the international break, having to sit through two weeks with the sour taste of a 3-0 home defeat to West Ham in their mouths. The news is not getting any better, with social media star and occasional left back Jose Enrique vowing to concentrate on football, starting with deactivation of his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Enrique's last message was sad, perhaps even a bit passive aggressive and bitter:

"I thought it was good to share with the fans pictures but I think they have been killing me for that. Ok, ciao Instagram and Twitter. Focus on play football and show myself again."

He clearly felt that he was trying to connect with the fans (and at times, actually did).

Regardless of my thoughts of Enrique as a player, I always felt his outgoing attitude toward social media and interviews was refreshing in an age of canned statements and carefully constructed and groomed media personas.

Whether abstaining from social media will actually help Enrique find his way onto the pitch is a matter of open speculation. However, oftentimes perception becomes reality. What might be a 30-second Twitter update to Enrique, could be an unwanted distraction to Rodgers. Maybe Rodgers just really hates hashtags. Who knows?

Hopefully, Enrique's sacrifice pays off. Given our other options at left back, the team certainly could use a healthy and in-form Enrique.

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