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Can Lauds Milner's Positive Influence

Emre Can likes to talk about the differences between the English and German games, but he also likes to talk about James Milner. I guess having an experienced midfielder around is good for the yutes. Who would have guessed?

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Over the past several seasons, Liverpool have lost a great deal of veteran experience with the high-profile departures of Jamie Carragher, Daniel Agger, and of course Steven Gerrard.

When James Milner completed his free transfer from Manchester City this summer, the hope was that he would provide leadership both on and off the pitch. In an interview with the club's official magazine, fellow midfielder Emre Can explained that is exactly what the Reds are getting out of the newly-minted vice captain.

"I haven't had too much experience of playing alongside him just yet but it is clear that he is a fighter, is very experienced and is capable of playing good football.

"I have already seen that he passes on what he knows to the younger players. He talks to us a lot and that can only help us.

"The experienced players need to pass on their knowledge to the young members of the squad so with Stevie [Gerrard] leaving at the end of last season it is definitely good to have another experienced player like James Milner here."

The young German international also delved into one of his favorite topics, discussing the differences between German and English football. Prepare yourself for some combination of "faster," "more physical," and "more pressing."

"In England the football is a lot faster than when you play in Germany.

"When you get the ball here there is instantly a player from the other team there, pressing you and challenging you.

"That makes it a lot hard when you are in possession. English football is also physically tougher than football in Germany.

"One thing that is different is that you have more time on the ball in training sessions in Germany whereas here, because of the nature of opponents putting you under pressure as soon as you get the ball, the training sessions are quicker.

Can ticked all the necessary boxes, so we can move on.

The young midfielder was in the starting XI last night for Germany, where he featured at--wait for it--right back. Die Mannschaft won 3-1 over Poland to hold on to their top spot in Euro Qualification Group D. Can and Germany will travel to Scotland on Monday night for their next qualifier.

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