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Christian Benteke Reportedly Back in Training

Liverpool's £32.5 million man appears to be fit and ready for the trip to Old Trafford.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

With Daniel Sturridge returning to competitive action sometime this month, Liverpool really don't need an injured Christian Benteke. Sturridge was set to return for the game against Manchester United until it was confirmed that he wouldn't as reason, common sense, and logic combined and intertwined. Liverpool desperately need one of the deadliest strikers in the Premier League, one who is fully fit and not about to relapse into injury limbo once more.

As for the £32.5 million man, his thigh injury was as short-lived as it was reported to be. The former Aston Villa striker is back in training and should be ready for the trip to Old Trafford after the international break. Kristof Terreur is a Belgian journalist who covers his countrymen in England for Het Laatste Nieuws.

It's good to see some news that Benteke is back and will continue to be a presence for Liverpool in attack. Naturally, further reports on the striker's fitness will follow from journalists connected with the club. However, journalists often have closer ties with players from their country, especially if they are tasked to focus on national representatives in Europe's most popular league.

Greater understanding needs to develop between Liverpool's latest number nine and his new colleagues, but the prospect of missing both Daniel Sturridge and Christian Benteke for such an important game would have been somewhat disappointing considering the wages and fees allocated to retaining as well as signing two "Premier League proven" strikers.

Liverpool fans can go back to speculating how Benteke will fare against a fierce rival's defensive unit, one that already looks susceptible so early in the season. Liverpool's defence may not be much better, though, so it may take a fine individual performance to separate two teams that have a lot of work to do. Benteke has done fairly well so far in a team that is still becoming accustomed to a player with his particular set of skills, and if players can support him more, loyal and passionate Reds may just see an attack that can push the club to reaching its objectives this season.

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