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"Global Goals" Logo To Appear On Reds' Kit Today

As has become customary several times a year, Liverpool's full-time sponsor Standard Chartered will be replaced by a charity, in this case "Global Goals."

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

When Liverpool take the pitch against Aston Villa this afternoon, their kits will not feature the now-customary Standard Chartered logo. In its place will be a segmented circle with #GLOBALGOALS underneath.

Standard Chartered is one of the sponsors of the Global Goals campaign. The 17 stated goals of the campaign--each corresponding to one slice of the logo's circle--range from such diverse and important areas as ending poverty, combating climate change, promoting gender equality, and many more.

These 17 goals were agreed upon yesterday at the United Nations in New York by 193 world leaders, and now a seven-day campaign has begun to promote these high-minded targets.

The Reds might not be so hot on the pitch these days, but being involved with the Global Goals charity is something supporters can be proud of. Sure, it might just be for a day, but Standard Chartered wouldn't spend £30M per year to have their name and logo on Liverpool's kits if they didn't think advertising was a worthy investment.

YouTube connoisseurs might remember Joe Gomez and Jordon Ibe taking "Dizzy penalties" to raise awareness for the campaign. If you missed it, the clip is below. And if you have some spare time before kickoff, and enjoy top, top players falling over and unable to convert penalties, there are loads more on YouTube to enjoy.

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