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Klopp Drops Kop Hint

Jurgen Klopp says he would cut his sabbatical short for the right Premier League job. And there's only one side reasonably expected to challenge for silverware and the top four that might have an opening.

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Over the summer, when it appeared as though Brendan Rodgers' time at Liverpool might be up, one name was mentioned more than any other by fans: Jurgen Klopp. The former Dortmund manager had done great things in the Bundesliga, but after an off year chose to resign and take a break from football.

Given his well known affection for Liverpool, though, many wondered if he might give up on his sabbatical plans if the Anfield job came open. They didn't get an answer, as in the end Rodgers kept his job, but with the way the season has started for Liverpool once again Klopp is becoming a major talking point for the fans.

And now he's given the strongest signal yet that, if asked, he would take the job. Sky Sports Germany are reporting that they have contacted Klopp's people and that the manager is willing to cut his sabbatical short for the right job in the Premier League. It's a message stopping just short of asking for the Liverpool job outright.

Arsenal or even Chelsea might have job openings down the road—Klopp has, after all, been proposed as a potential replacement for the long-serving Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, and one can never say what will happen when Chelsea and Jose Mourinho are involved. Neither, though, would require he cut his sabbatical short.

If those jobs come open, they will come open at the earliest after the current season and Klopp's planned sabbatical ends. The Manchester clubs, United and City, aren't going to be opening up mid-season, either. Unless Klopp is saying he'd like to manage Sunderland, the message being sent is almost shockingly clear.

Jurgen Klopp would like to manage in England. Jurgen Klopp would be willing to cut his sabbatical short for the right offer. The only side reasonably expected to be challenging for silverware and the Champions League places in England that might have a job opening requiring him to cut his sabbatical short is Liverpool.

Unfortunately, at least for Liverpool fans, those same sources when pressed told Sky Germany that there has been no contact from Liverpool as of yet, and rumours continue to insist that at least one respected adviser has warned Fenway Sports Group off of the charismatic and highly respected German manager.

If true, it seems a situation that parallels the owners reportedly being warned off approaching Rafa Benitez about returning to the club after they took charge. In both cases, it appears as though there are concerns a manager capable of inspiring an almost cult-like following could undermine their position.

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