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Henderson America-Bound As Injury Woes Continue

Don't tell me you were actually expecting good news. The ETW is strong these days, as reports indicate that Henderson's ailing heel might require longer to recover than was initially thought.

Walk it off, buddy. Walk it off.
Walk it off, buddy. Walk it off.
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

One of these days, I hope I can wake up bright and early and find some positive news concerning Liverpool to report to the masses. Unfortunately, today is not that day, as more bad news surfaced about Liverpool's newly-minted skipper.

Jordan Henderson's heel injury has not improved as hoped, and he is now in America to seek further treatment. Yesterday, the captain met with club doctor Andy Massey in New York and is scheduled to visit orthopedic specialist Arthur Fonzarelli James Cozzerelli of the Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute in New Jersey. With all of these trans-Atlantic flights, I hope the club has a good frequent flier program.

It is hoped that Cozzerelli can pinpoint the cause of the discomfort in Henderson's heel and sole, and help speed up the recovery time. The early prognosis indicates that the midfielder will not need surgery, which is about as positive a development as possible under the circumstances. However, no timeline has been given about a possible return.

Since limping off the pitch against Bournemouth, Liverpool have scored a solitary goal--Benteke's facemelter--and picked up just a single point in three matches without Henderson. Obviously the club's offensive (and defensive) struggles cannot be placed on the absence of Henderson alone, but it certainly isn't helping.

In other injury news, Daniel Sturridge has been back in full training for nearly a week without further injury. Adam Lallana also trained in Melwood over the weekend. It is unlikely that either player will be available for Thursday's Europa League clash with Bordeaux, but it is possible both could make the squad for Norwich on Sunday.

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