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Suarez to Gerrard: Look After Philippe Coutinho When I'm Gone

Need something heart warming to counteract all the slagging of former managers Steven Gerrard engaged in with his most recent autobiography? We've got you covered.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Semi-retired professional footballer and former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard recently published the most recent update to his autobiography, now being serialized in the Daily Mail. Though he's only a few months removed from his time in Red, many less than flattering stories have emerged in this most recent revision of his life story.

They're stories your intrepid hosts at TLO towers have tossed amongst one another like a hot potato, each of us hoping to not get stuck with having to spend valuable brain cells thinking about. But from within a pile of DO NOT WANT about things from his past emerged the one single story worth sharing from Gerrard's hopes for Liverpool's future.

"Before Luis Suarez left Liverpool’s training ground for the last time he spoke to me about Philippe Coutinho," Gerrard revealed. " 'Make sure you look after him,' Luis said of Philippe. That told me how much Suarez rated Coutinho as a player. I knew they were close, because all the South Americans and Spaniards loved Luis.

"But it struck a chord with me when Luis singled out Philippe as our most special young talent. It echoed my own view. Philippe is wonderfully gifted and I expect him to become Liverpool’s leading player. Many Liverpool fans already regard him as our main man."

Feel good stories are few and far between for Liverpool so far this season, and fans of Luis Suarez's talent will no doubt be excited by the fact that the man himself recognized a something similar in the wee Brazilian. The Adorbs Factor™ aside, Gerrard was quick to douse the flames of any excitement his readers might have felt about Suarez handing over unicorn caretaking duties to Gerrard.

"I also know that the Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid, will come looking for Philippe in a few more seasons, just like they did with Luis," Gerrad buzzkilled. "And that’s when it will get tricky for Liverpool because the lure to go to one of those two clubs is so strong for any South American or Spanish player. Until that happens, Liverpool should really treasure Philippe."

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