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Christian Benteke Keen to Prove Doubters Wrong

With so many doubting that he can be successful at Liverpool, fans and ex-managers amongst them, Christian Benteke sought to silence his critics about what he brings to his new team.

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Christian Benteke hasn't exactly had the warmest of welcomes to Liverpool FC. Throughout the negotiations for his signature, many were firmly in the DO NOT WANT camp for a variety of legitimate and not-so-legitimate reasons. Once he signed on the dotted line, though, most fans grudgingly came around to the idea that he was now one of their own and thus worthy of their support same as anyone else.

"I am a player who came here to improve myself and to be bigger than before," Benteke said when asked about his reception by the fans. "I am not coming in here with the intention of being a hero to the fans. Of course, I would appreciate it if they love me but it is not my main goal. If I do well then everyone will be happy. It is up to me.

"I am going to do my best for the team. I believe I can produce the goals, but I am not alone here. That is the good thing. I have players behind me and around me. Now it is a different situation, a different pressure. Here it’s the pressure to be at the top and with Villa it was the pressure of not to go down. I believe whatever level I play at I will score goals."

Liverpool fans are certainly hoping the same thing, though Benteke's former manager Tim Sherwood is in a bit of a twist over his ex-player moving on to greener pastures. Sherwood, not unlike many Liverpool fans, expressed confusion as to why Benteke would move to a club that doesn't like to cross the ball, but Benteke dismissed this concern outright.

"I don’t believe that what he said is true and I told him that," Benteke said. "It is not just about crossing, I can score normal goals too. I told him I am not afraid about it. If Liverpool bought me then they know how to use me. That’s why I came here - I’ll show I can play with my feet too."

So there, Tactics Tim!

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