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Dejan Lovren Must Focus On Defending, Says Jamie Carragher

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Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Liverpool defender turned pundit Jamie Carragher knows a thing or two about the art of defending, and he, like so many others, was horrified at his former team's defensive display against West Ham in a 3-0 defeat. Carragher discussed yesterday's match on Sky Sports, voicing his displeasure with Liverpool's performance.

His main focus was on the struggles of Dejan Lovren, who allowed West Ham a simple second goal after being embarrassingly dispossessed on the left wing. "I don't know what Lovren's doing [for the second goal]. He has two or three chances to clear his lines. It probably summed up his whole display," said Carragher.

"The only way to describe Lovren's performance was David Luiz-like," he continued. "He was doing things you don't really want to see centre-backs do: 50-yard passes - that at time got there - but there was one occasion where he did a double stepover and then got tackled.

David Luiz isn't a great comparison for Lovren, but Carragher makes a solid point. For a player who has had so many issues at the defensive end, it's strange that Lovren would bother with anything other than actual defending.

"I don't know if it's overconfidence after a couple of good performances but I'm watching him thinking, just do the basics," said Carragher. "You've got three clean sheets; your job is to keep them out, not show everyone what else you can do. Defend first."