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Milner Enjoying Life at Liverpool

New-boy and vice captain James Milner is happy to have joined Liverpool and thinks it's an exciting time to be at the club.

"My body is saying clap-clap, but my brain is thinking of stocking up on fabric conditioner."
"My body is saying clap-clap, but my brain is thinking of stocking up on fabric conditioner."
Chris Hyde/Getty Images

James Milner has it all; league-winning experience, cardio for days, a killer nickname, a perfectly square cranium, a world-class Twitter spoof account, and the complete trust of Brendan Rodgers, as evidenced by the manager giving the new man the vice-captaincy in his first season at the club. His decision to accept lower wages at Liverpool for more playing time in his preferred position is also indicative of a player with his head in the right place and an overwhelming desire to play football.

He's also pleased as punch with the way things has turned out, citing the quality of the squad as one of many reasons.

"I am delighted to have joined Liverpool and am enjoying every minute. It is a club used to winning and every time we step on to the field the fans expect to win – that is a nice pressure to have.

"I am enjoying it very much, that is why I came here.

"You want to be among good, experienced players and a blend of English talent and foreign players. Everything is there.

"You look down the squad list and on the bench and it is a strong balance. You need a good squad to do anything and we will definitely have that."

Having captained the side in a scoreless draw against Arsenal due to a Jordan Henderson injury, Liverpool's new number seven was happy with the team's performance and defensive play. The former Leeds and Newcastle man also hinted that there is likely more to come from the side as the new players learn to play together.

"Any time you can come away from Arsenal and be disappointed with a draw is a good night.

"Defensively we were brilliant again and you could see the fluidity in our play at times as well.

"There are very promising signs. It will take time. I don’t think that is anywhere near the best we can play but again it is an improvement.

"We will get better and better the more we play together but to go away and play like that was pleasing."

Indeed, a point and clean sheet away at Arsenal is a result most fans would tear your hand off for before the season, and although the second half was mostly about defending, the way Liverpool pressed and harried the home side into making mistakes and consequently created big chances in the first half was immensely promising. The defensive solidity evident in a hat trick of clean sheets suggest a defensive sturdiness that previous iterations of Rodgers-led sides have lacked. If the expensive offensive pieces can find the fluidity Milner mentions as well as consistently adding some cutting edge, Liverpool fans might just get to experience the mythical comfortable 90 minutes of football before long.

And Hamez Thrilner will be peeling bananas all the way.

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