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Jordan Henderson Pleased With Recent Changes At Liverpool

Captain Hendo is feeling good right now.

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson seems to be embracing his new leadership role with the club, and has already become a noticeably more active spokesman for his team. The talkative trend continued as he discussed what Liverpool's new signings have done for the team as well as his general goals for next season.

"We've obviously talked about the problems that we had last season," Henderson told the club's official website. "We are working on it in pre-season and obviously try different things but it's been freshened up as well with the new staff and some new players."

"I think that's really freshened us up and like I say everything is looking positive so far, but we've got to keep going, keep working hard and pushing ourselves to the limits then come the first game of the season we will be raring to go."

Meanwhile, Henderson underlined the importance of winning silverware and returning to the Champions League.

"I think definitely winning something [is key], winning a trophy," he said. "It would be big for the players, it would be big for the club and obviously for the fans, I think that's a big aim for us this season."

"Also getting back in the top four and the Champions League. This football club deserves to be playing in the Champions League every year so that will be a big objective, and then once you are in and around that top four you never know what can happen."

Henderson's positivity is another droplet in the annual wave of optimism that creeps in during the pre-season period and threatens to destroy the widespread belief that everything is indeed the worst. Hopefully this year's results match Henderson's hopeful ambitions.

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