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"Heart and Soul" of Anfield Retained Despite New Construction

Once this past season had ended, construction on the redevelopment of Anfield began, and FSG president underlined the importance of expansion on the club's future while also noting the efforts made to retain the pieces that make Anfield so special.

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It seems a long time ago now, but it's still been less than five years since Fenway Sports Group sensationally took over at Liverpool. The Hicks and Gillette reign came to an end in the fall of 2010 after years of empty promises and high-profile errors, and FSG came in to bring the club back from a path that might have led to administration and try to make good on the hopes that Liverpool would finally be able to compete with the Premier League's elite.

Nearing their five year anniversary, that hasn't quite happened yet, but FSG have continued to make strides in bringing Liverpool along. The biggest statement of intent has come in the redevelopment of Anfield, which has answered long-standing concerns about how the club remain competitive in modern football. Rather than go from the ground up, they opted for an ambitious, long-term expansion that will take place across seasons, starting with the Main Stand expansion.

Mike Gordon, FSG president, commented on the importance of the developments thus far, which this week included the placement of the roof trusses, and how they hope the club's legacy remains intact:

"This project is so important to FSG for precisely the reason you mention: it's essential to the long-term future of the club. Resolving the open stadium question by expanding Anfield was an important part of our strategy to grow LFC, but we wanted to do it in the right way and not lose the heart and soul of the ground that makes Anfield so special.

"What was needed was a group effort to find a comprehensive solution that offered long-term sustainability to both the local area and the football club. Tom in particular was integral to this work. We at FSG are very mindful of our role as stewards of LFC as well as the club's importance to Liverpool itself, so all of these considerations were at the heart of every choice we have made."

Between their outlay this summer in the transfer market--which they easily could have balked at, having spent a significant amount last year with mixed results--and real, concrete action on the stadium, FSG have continued to make most of the right moves in their role as owners. It has not been a perfect tenure, of course, but no ownership ever will be. For now though, they're doing what's asked of them to improve the club both on and off the pitch, and that's all that can be asked.

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