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Sturridge to Continue Rehab in Boston

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is loving the Charles River vibes he's getting in Boston, which is excellent news as he's going to be there for a wee bit longer.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Daniel Sturridge is still a long way off from a return to the Liverpool starting line-up. Sent to Boston in May to see the Boston Red Sox's various fitness professionals, Sturridge was deemed to need hip surgery and was promptly sent off to New York City to have the work done by a top, top, top professional in his field.

It's been nearly two months since then, and Sturridge remains in Boston rehabilitating after surgery. Liverpool players are on their last few days of holiday before regrouping ahead of their tour of Southeast Asia and Australia, but Sturridge certainly will not be joining them even for PR reasons as he will continue to recuperate in Boston under the watchful care of Red Sox physios. It's unclear at this point whether he will return to Merseyside once the rest of the squad arrives for the beginning of the Premier League season in August, or if he will arrive closer to October when he is expected to be fit enough to begin playing again.

As for his surgeon, Dr Brian T. Kelly has been ranked #108 of 1052 orthopedic surgeons in New York City and has received positive reviews from people who are totally not Daniel Sturridge in disguise on the doctor rating website,

I traveled over 2 hours to see Dr. Kelly by the urging of my orthopedic doctor because he was unable to perform hip surgery and knew that Dr. Kelly was the best around. Dr. Kelly is young is up on all the new technology and is an amazing doctor. I feel like I haven't even had surgery on my hip which is a good thing considering that I am only 23 years old. I would recommend anyone who has a hip problem to pay him a visit.

It sounds as though Sturridge is in good hands for a patient in his mid-twenties, and Liverpool fans will be happy indeed if Sturridge returns to play like someone who hasn't had surgery on his hip.

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