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Rodgers Encouraged by Squad Depth Ahead of Busy 2015-2016 Season

With the club again set to take part in four competitions this season, Brendan Rodgers highlighted the improved depth in his squad as they look to bounce back from a campaign that proved a failure on all fronts.

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The signing of Christian Benteke will give Liverpool seven additions for the summer transfer window, and most reliable reports have the club turning their attention to offloading a number of squad members who aren't expected to play a part in the coming season. At least four or five should be on the way out, and when their business is all done, Liverpool should be in far better shape than they were during a disappointing 2014-2015 season.

The deals that they've done are, at least in theory, improvements, and with the club again featuring in four different competitions, Liverpool will need to be more well-rounded if they're going to have a chance of getting back in the top four while also advancing in the three cup competitions in which they'll take part.

Brendan Rodgers certainly feels as though that's the case already, as he underlined the quality he feels is in the squad ahead of their friendly in Adelaide:

"With so many games and competitions - and wanting to do well in those competitions - it's very, very important. People will see the players that have come in and their quality, but also very importantly, the ones we already have at the club. Once we get that combination together, we can go into each competition and put out a really strong team.

"There's no player comes to the club and is guaranteed to play every single game. We aim to do well in all the competitions and hopefully there's a squad being built to cope with them all. I think we could (have a separate Europa League squad) and it wouldn't have any real detrimental effect because of the quality of the players I have. That's something we certainly would consider. In terms of priorities, it's about getting back into that top four again and we're very determined to look to get a trophy this year. Every player will contribute towards that."

Again, this was the expectation last summer, when the club sought to bring in players that were capable of having a positive impact with little drop-off. There were no complete successes, with form and fitness causing problems at one point or another for every player they signed, and Rodgers will be hopeful that this summer proves far more successful in that regard. The signs thus far are encouraging, but the true test will arrive in a few weeks when Liverpool get things going for real.

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