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Raheem Sterling Returns to Training

The contract rebel scamp has recovered from his debilitating illness and returns to training with the rest of the Liverpool squad.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Liverpool's favourite contract rebel scamp has returned to training after missing training on Wednesday and Thursday. It is immaterial whether the architect of this situation is Raheem Sterling or Aidy Ward as this is not what should be happening in pre-season, or any part of the season for that matter. Then there's the remote possibility that the 20-year-old may actually be beset by an illness that prevented him from attending training for two consecutive days. Whatever the truth is behind the situation, it seems that only a transfer away from the club will resolve what is becoming an unsavoury and unsightly mess.

Steven Gerrard, former Liverpool captain and legend (it feels strange typing and reading that), was unimpressed with the Golden Boy's approach to the a growing dispute with Merseyside's finest. As Manchester City continue to lurk with a potential third offer that may be enough to officially open contract negotiations with the player, the question is whether Liverpool should take Sterling on tour. He should fulfil all his duties according to his contract, but will the player be an unnecessary distraction? It could be argued that questions, rumours, and pettiness will persist whether the player goes on tour or not. However, Liverpool have to balance showing strength in handling a player who appears determined to get his way with avoiding the tag of "bully" to other players in the squad who will be observing how this battle unfolds.

Sterling has reportedly informed Brendan Rodgers earlier in the week that he does not wish to be considered for Liverpool's pre-season tour of South-East Asia and Australia. The players and staff are due to fly out on Sunday so fans will have to wait until then to find out whether Sterling will join the rest of the squad. Liverpool have faced similar problems with Luis Suárez, but it will be interesting to see how the club approaches the RAHEEM STERLING CONTRACT SAGA from here on out.

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