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Steven Gerrard Optimistic about Liverpool's Future

The Reds legend weighed in with his views on various issues surrounding the club's future.

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Liverpool fans have got used to Jamie Carragher giving his views on club matters in his capacity as a pundit for Sky Sports and significant former player. The Champions League winner shared some strong opinions on the Raheem Sterling contract saga and was the focus of some colourful off the record comments by Sterling's agent. Steven Gerrard was unveiled today as part of BT Sport's Champions League line-up for next season after Sky and ITV lost the rights to broadcast European football. It's been less than a month since Gerrard's final game for Liverpool, but much has happened since then.

Gerrard's opinion on goings on at Liverpool will be sought as much, if not more so, than Carragher's on any seemingly pertinent issue. The LA Galaxy-bound star refused to stay silent on the Balotelli-Henderson penalty drama in his capacity as a pundit for ITV after Liverpool entertained Besiktas in the Europa League, a surprising occurrence given that 35-year-old was still playing for and captaining the club. At least it's good to know that he's curious as the rest of us on the coaching situation: "I was surprised Brendan Rodgers made changes to backroom staff at Liverpool. I will be interested to hear his reasons why."

However, Gerrard was clear on where a certain 20-year-old should be playing his football next season.

I hope Raheem stays. For his development, as a player and as a human being. He's got a fantastic manager to look after, a great set of team-mates. I think it's important he plays week in week out, keeps trying to learn and strive to become a world class player. We'll have to wait and see. The frustrating thing for me would be if he went to another team and was just a squad player. I think there's a position there for him to be the number one player in the Liverpool team and really have that adulation from supporters that the likes of Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres have experienced.

Many Liverpool fans are uncertain about what the summer will bring. Will Raheem Sterling stay or go? Can Liverpool make the necessary improvements to kick on next season? Will Brendan Rodgers prove to be a success in his fourth season at the club. For Gerrard, however, the downbeat atmosphere enveloping supporters across the globe shouldn't be so pronounced: "I don't think problems at Liverpool are as big as people are making out. I think there's a fantastic core of players there that, with the right additions in the staff and playing staff, I think Liverpool can be very competitive next year."

We hope so Stevie, we hope so.

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