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Liverpool to Appoint Lijnders as First-Team Coach as Search for Assistant Manager Continues

As rumored last week, it appears as though Liverpool are ready to promote Pepijn Lijnders from U16 coach to a role in the first team with Brendan Rodgers.

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Four signings into the summer now with the announcement of a deal for Joe Gomez earlier today, and there's still nothing of note from the Liverpool hierarchy. No comments about how well the new boys will fit, no discussion of what the club are trying to build, and no words to dissect after what proved to be tumultuous final few months of the season. That may very well be the point, of course, but it's increasingly strange to not hear anything from the man who's leading the club or the upper management who reportedly assured him that his job was safe.

In the absence of actual news on that front, it seems that rumors of a promotion to the role of first-team coach will come to fruition for Pepijn Lijnders, who was linked with the change in duties last weekend. As part of his piece yesterday on the club's interest in Brazilian playmaker Roberto Firmino, Paul Joyce of the Daily Express provided a brief update on Lijnders impending appointment, stating that the former PSV Eindhoven and Porto man will, effectively, be a replacement for former assistant Mike Marsh.

As discussed last weekend, it's an appointment that appears to be made with a view to the future, and isn't necessarily news to engender strong opinions one way or the other. Liverpool are still looking to add to their staff beyond Lijnders, with speculation in the piece linked above that they're in the hunt for an assistant manager as well, one who possibly has a background as the head man.

It would be nice if these pieces could be settled sooner rather than later, and one would expect the club to try to have everything in place by the time the squad gets back together ahead of the preseason tour. That's only a few weeks away now, and there's a sense that by then we should know quite a bit more about what Liverpool will look like heading into next season.

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