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John W. Henry Absent from Rodgers' Review, Manager Must Accept Transfer Committee Role to Stay On

The big wigs are flying in to Liverpool this week to conduct an end of season review with Brendan Rodgers, but there's one major point of contention that could determine whether or not Rodgers continues with the club next season.

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Performance reviews are the worst even at the best of times, and what Brendan Rodgers is about to go through shortly can most certainly not be characterized as "the best of times." Even in a good year — a spectacular year, even — a review is always necessary to see what improvements can be made and to give credit to an employee where credit is due, but in a bad year it's even more critical.

Though the Premier League season has been finished for just over a week, news of an end-of-season review for Brendan Rodgers taking place in June has been swirling for much longer than that. Liverpool's ownership has previously stated Rodgers' job is secure, but FSG representatives Tom Werner and real person Mike Gordon will arrive on Merseyside on Tuesday to have a lengthy chat with Rodgers that may yet end with a sacking if they don't like the answers they receive regarding just what went wrong this season and what might be done about it for the future.

One notable absentee from the meetings is John W. Henry, who is allegedly staying behind in Boston. Many fans have already raised concerns that the owners should have been in Liverpool for Steven Gerrard's final game at Anfield, so news that Henry has elected to put full confidence in Werner and Gordon in his stead won't be met positively in some corners of the fan base.

Regardless of Henry's presence — and despite news outlets speculating wildly on the topics of conversation of private meetings — Rodgers' fate is said to be dependent not on his particular vision for the future of his club but whether or not he can fully get on board with the club's transfer committee. Rodgers famously did not want to work with a Director of Football, and the transfer committee was put in place to serve largely the same function. If Rodgers can't find a way to work with them, then it's unlikely to be the committee who suffers for it.

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