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Klopp Wants to Work in England Under a Director of Football

Note to FSG: Jurgen Klopp’s agent says he's excited by the idea of managing in England, that he would be willing to look at clubs outside the top four, and would prefer to work with a Director of Football.

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When Fenway Sports Group chose to back Brendan Rodgers for another season, many assumed that it reflected a desire on the part of the owners not to make a change for the sake of it. Many assumed that, following reports that managers like Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti had been sounded out, nobody seen as a clear upgrade on Rodgers was willing to come to Anfield.

That was backed by reports that both Klopp and Ancelotti wanted to take at least six months off from the game, and so Liverpool fans comforted themselves with the idea that it wasn’t the club that had been turned down, it was just that the two out of work managerial superstars wanted a break. Only that would seem to run counter to statements made by Klopp’s agent in the German press this week.

"The Premier League is very exciting," agent Marc Kosicke told SPOX. "And we do not only talk about the top four, because there are some other great clubs below them, but I am not certain about the job profile [in England]. The separation of powers in Germany is a very good system and one Jurgen likes, as is not one who likes to talk with players’ agents and deal with transfers."

Not only does it appear that Klopp—right now, and not six or eight or twelve months down the road—would be excited by managing in the Premier League, but he would also prefer to work under a Director of Football. It sounds like a perfect target for FSG, a world class manager who wants to work in the kind of system they wanted to install. And that Rodgers refused to work in.

Unfortunately, it also undercuts the idea that the club seriously approached Klopp about taking on the Liverpool job. On the other hand, if Klopp doesn’t end up with another Premier League club this summer and takes some time off as he planned to when deciding to step down from Borussia Dortmund, it could mean he would be interested in taking over at Liverpool should the 2015-16 season begin as 2014-15 did.

"When Jurgen signed with Dortmund, there were other clubs that were better positioned financially and who had more prestige at the time," added Kosicke. "Nevertheless, he gave Dortmund his signature. He has the great ability to develop things. If he goes to a club, feels the energy and thinks he can do something there, it might be more appealing to him than to go to the biggest club."

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