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Rodgers Hails Lallana's Leadership Qualities

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It's been an up and down year for midfielder Adam Lallana in his first season at Anfield, as injuries have hindered his ability to contribute to the team on a consistent basis. However, manager Brendan Rodgers has remained supportive of his player, and believes that Lallana is evolving into a real leader at Liverpool, according to the Echo.

"He's fantastic in the changing room," Rodgers said. "He has good leadership qualities."

"That was one of the things I was surprised about when I heard but having worked with him I can see he is very conscientious and he is very strong willed."

Rodgers also discussed his appreciation for Lallana as a player.

"I think he has contributed well when he's been fit," he said. "He obviously had (injury) issues when he came in."

"He is a player that I can rely on. He is a player that is well suited to this club and I think it hasn't been form that has kept him out when he hasn't been playing."

With that in mind, Rodgers expressed optimism regarding the future for Lallana, who has scored four goals for the Reds this season.

"I'm sure he, and the other players, are really looking forward to next season to show what they can do," Rodgers said.

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