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Emre Can Ready For Move to Midfield

An extensive interview reveals Emre Can's thoughts on his first season at Anfield and his future with the club.

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Last summer Liverpool made some controversial transfer decisions, but the purchase of Emre Can was not one of them. Playing primarily as a center back in a back three, Can proved himself to be versatile and extremely talented, and he's a big part of Liverpool's future. However, like many Liverpool fans, Can believes that his future is as a midfielder rather than as a defender.

"[Brendan] talks all the time with me," Can told The Anfield Wrap podcast, as reported by the club's official website. "He sees me as a midfield player and I hope next year to be playing in midfield."

"Of course he talks with me every day and says what I can do better. He helps my game. He wants to play football and that's what I want. That's why I came to Liverpool."

Can went on to discuss his transition to England after his summer move.

"It was a big move, of course, because it was the first time that I [left] Germany," he said. "It wasn't easy because I didn't speak the language so well but now I've improved my English, it's a little bit better."

"In the Premier League every game is a tough game and the bottom team can win against the top team. It's a lot stronger and faster. For me this is good because I don't like it if the ref is giving everything as a foul."

To conclude his interview, Can sweet talked Liverpool supporters.

"I try to give everything in every game and give 100 percent. That's what the fans see and it's a big honour for me that they love me, and I love them - they're great fans."

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