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Alberto Moreno is Excited About the Europa League and He Thinks You Should Be Too

He just wants us all to be happy.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Even after just one season at Anfield it's easy to love Alberto Moreno -- beyond showing massive potential as a player, he seems like a genuinely fun guy who is determined to stay positive. Liverpool fans have already enjoyed his dance moves and hilarious singing, and now amidst a time of growing negativity he is trying his best to convince everyone that things aren't so bad.

Europa League qualification might feel like a let down for Liverpool fans after lofty goals set before the season, but Moreno, who won the tournament last season with Sevilla, believes that the competition will give the team a chance to achieve something special.

"I'm a big fan of the Europa League, you know I can go home and look at my medal in my trophy cabinet at home which I've already won, I love it," Moreno said to the Echo. "For any player and any fan, winning any trophy - not least at a European level - is absolutely something positive. We always want to win trophies, let's face it, and I enjoyed it when we won."

Moreno also expressed optimism surrounding his own development, as he spoke about the challenges that he's had to overcome in his first season at Anfield.

"The fans have seen just a part of me so far. I'm young and as a youngster you can only strive to keep on improving so hopefully they'll see the best of me. It's down to hard work but what will be, will be," he said. "I'm a full-back so all my life I'm used to playing that role, so that doesn't present any difficulties but the wing-back part of it was something that was very new to me.

"But I've enjoyed it because I do love the attacking side of the game so it's nice to get more chance to get forward. Still though you concentrate on getting back to support the three at the back as well."

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