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Rodgers: "We Didn't Look Like Scoring Really" So Winning Was Going to Be Hard

You really do need to score at least one more goal than your opponent in order to win the game, it's true.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, it's become increasingly difficult to find charitable ways to describe both Liverpool's form and results. Since the loss to Manchester United at the end of March, Liverpool have only won twice in all competitions, with the double losses against United and Arsenal starting to pale in comparison to the sheer frustration of drawing against West Brom and losing to Aston Villa. Tuesday's loss to Hull City is another notch in the BUT WHY column, and manager Brendan Rodgers has a fairly obvious answer to that question.

"We didn't look like scoring really, to be honest," Rodgers explained. "We had some good moments, and had enough of the ball, but we never really threatened the goal. We're disappointed with the goal we conceded, we didn't defend it well enough. We had enough of the game, between the boxes we were OK, but in that final third we just couldn't make that breakthrough."

Goals have been a problem for Liverpool all season, and it seemed unlikely that all of a sudden they'd be awash with them simply because it would have been terribly convenient to actually win a game. The lack of goals isn't a new issue for the team, but Rodgers doesn't think it has much to do with self-assurance in the players that is causing problems.

"I think the confidence is OK," confirmed Rodgers. "They work well in training, and you can see the way they can knit the game together. You have to have confidence to get on the ball and play for the majority of the game. The players put great energy into the game, they worked very hard, but our struggles tonight were what they have been for the majority of the season, in terms of creativity and scoring goals."

That Liverpool have returned to the formation responsible for their poorest run in the season may or may not be coincidental, but Brendan Rodgers now has four days to right his ship and figure out a way to beat Queens Park Rangers when they come to Anfield on Saturday. Far more than just three points are riding on a win.

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