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Sturridge to Undertake Customized Fitness Plan During Summer

Daniel Sturridge has no manner of luck, and now his club are hoping that through the miracle of individualized training plans, they can get the player back on track.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Two years ago, Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger both made a career-high number of appearances for Liverpool thanks in part to changes made to the club's training regimes. For players who had spent more time than they would have liked on the physio table the season prior, it was a major breakthrough in what could be accomplished with training regimes tailored to a player's specific body.

Fast forward to this season and Liverpool currently sit in fifth place, not just in the league table but in the injury league table too. Multiple players have sustained more than one injury this season, and none has been more missed than Liverpool's perma-crocked striker Daniel Sturridge. With the departure of Dr Zaf Iqbal in early January, many have questioned what exactly is going on in Liverpool's physio room and why certain players are getting injured repeatedly.

No answers have been made apparent yet, nor have the results of the club's investigation into Daniel Sturridge's numerous and repeated leg injuries, but regardless the England striker is set to receive a personalized fitness programme over the summer in hopes that — for real this time — he'll get back to full fitness and hit the ground running at the start of the 2015/16 season. Of course, all players receive individual instructions for the summer depending on their current fitness levels and summer tournament commitments (if any), but like with Gerrard and Agger a few seasons back, Sturridge's new regime sounds above and beyond what one might normally expect to be on in the off season.

Injuries are certainly a fact of life in professional sports, but an overall reduction in the number sustained by Liverpool players next season could have a considerable impact on the club's fortunes. Liverpool have hurt all season with the loss of Luis Suarez's goals, but they were truly undone by losing Daniel Sturridge for nearly the entire season on top of that. There's no guarantee that a fully fit Sturridge will get back to the form he was once in, but replacing the departed King Zaf would be an excellent start if Liverpool fans are to ever find out.

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