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Anfield Pitch Set for Upgrades Over the Summer

With a complete replacement set for the summer of 2016, Liverpool will still be putting in work to improve their pitch this coming summer after a season in which it's deteriorated significantly.

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Back in December, Brendan Rodgers came in for a bit of criticism when, with Liverpool still struggling to get results with any sort of consistency, he highlighted the state of the Anfield pitch. Little attention had been paid previously, at least in the public eye, but the manager noted how old and "awful" the playing surface had become. The initial reaction was one of mockery, with the manager's words viewed as a diversion from a run of form that had seen his side slip further and further out of the top four race.

In recent months and weeks it's become evident that Rodgers was entirely accurate in his assessment, however, with the pitch visibly worn and not up to the standard one would expect. Over the course of a season one wouldn't expect things to be like new in April or May, but it's clear that the manager's concerns were wholly justified, and Liverpool were in need of an upgrade.

Thankfully that appears to be coming, with the club set to improve the current playing surface ahead of a replacement in the summer of 2016. This summer's improvements--which were apparently in question due to the stadium redevelopment--will include reseeding, while next summer will see the pitch torn out completely and replaced with brand-new sod.

It won't be the complete overhaul Rodgers thought it would be back in December, but hopefully it's an effective solution for the short-term.

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