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Skrtel Waiting Until Summer to Continue Contract Talks

Martin Skrtel is the latest Liverpool player to reveal a contract negotiation that began a few months ago before being shelved for the summer. Let the contract carousel continue spinning!

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Are you sick of the word "contract" yet? Do you find yourself wishing for some sort of alternate reality in which players and clubs could negotiate for services and pay without involving broken down talks, exaggerated rumours, and unsanctioned media interviews? Do you long for a world where you never have to hear about it, and never grow resentful of one or both sides of the talks for dragging out the proceedings?

This may not be the post for you.

Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson are Liverpool's too biggest hold outs in the contract game at the moment, with both players looking to focus on their game and shelve talks until the summer. Kolo Touré, too, hasn't made up his mind yet about what he's doing next season, and now Martin Skrtel has joined the ranks of those who had at least one conversation about an extension but has chosen to postpone further negotiations until the summer.

"There was contact with the club a few months ago," Skrtel confirmed, "but at the moment I am just focusing on my game and focusing on the football and then at the end of the season we will see where we stand. At the moment I am just focusing on my job and then after the season if they want then we can talk."

It's a fairly benign admission, but that may not reassure many Liverpool fans prone to handwringing at any contract not sewn up as quickly as Philippe Coutinho's was earlier this year. Of course, unlike Sterling and Henderson, Skrtel doesn't necessarily tick a lot of the Hot Commodity™ checkboxes other clubs might be looking for. He's not English, he's not particularly young, and although he's obviously been a solid choice for Liverpool at the back, Skrtel is a finished product and is more likely to decline than improve at this stage of his career.

Despite previously being the topic of rumours about a forever imminent departure, Skrtel's ties to other clubs have all but disappeared this season as he continues to be one of the first names on Brendan Rodgers' team sheet. There seems little reason to think his contract would present major complications from either side, but many will only feel reassured once he finally puts pen to (blank) paper this summer.

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