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Henderson Planning Liverpool Stay for "Many Years"

Along with Raheem Sterling, there's been plenty of concern about a contract extension for Liverpool's current vice-captain, but Jordan Henderson is focused on securing his future at the club for a long time.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Among the more annoying ongoing stories this season--Liverpool not playing very well for most of the fall winter being the most annoying, clearly--has been contract negotiations for some of the club's more talented younger players. Raheem Sterling's contract has received the most attention, with expectations that a new deal would have been agreed months ago after assurances going as far back as October, but recently there's been hand-wringing about the status of Jordan Henderson as well.

Henderson was clear about his preference to wait until the summer to address the issue, and he reiterated as much while on England duty, asserting that he's looking forward to many more years in a Liverpool shirt once he can focus on finalizing an extension:

"I love playing football for Liverpool and I want to be there for many years. In terms of my contract, I think everybody else will make a big deal of it but for me, it's just letting my agent and the club deal with it and whenever it gets sorted, it gets sorted. All I want to do is my best for club and country.

"At Liverpool, we've got fantastic players, real quality players and a lot of potential. We're a young team and I think there is great potential and a big part of us is wanting to be winners and winning trophies. I really feel we can do that."

That's good news for those inclined to worry about these sorts of things, which, in recent weeks, has been nearly everybody. The Henderson situation is far less concerning than whatever it is that is or isn't going on with Raheem Sterling and his representatives, and it has seemed all along that an extension was the only outcome as far as the vice-captain was concerned. This serves as validation of that notion, and there's little reason to believe that the outcome here will be anything other than positive once the summer rolls around.

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