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Liverpool to Seek Naming Rights Partner For New Main Stand

Chief commercial officer Billy Hogan also discussed potential changes to ticket pricing.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Speaking to the International Business Times, Liverpool's chief commercial officer Billy Hogan discussed the naming rights of the new 21,000 seat Anfield main stand that is expected to be completed in the next two years, according to the Echo.

"There are realities of the world we live in and we are looking for new revenue opportunities," said Hogan. "This gives us the chance to bring in a partner to take a significant seat at the table."

At this point in time, there is no indication of what companies might look to take over the naming rights.

Hogan also talked about how the revamped main stand might affect rising ticket prices, confirming that the club would look to bring in a new ticket-pricing structure once the new stand is completed.

"From a ticketing perspective we look at ticketing from the entire stadium," he said. "Obviously it [the new stand] has an impact because as we look at the overall stadium, we have taken an approach where the best seats in the house are priced at the highest level. There are affordable tickets. That is something we'll look at once the new stand opens."

Ticket prices have been a big issue across the Premier League in recent times, so hopefully Liverpool will indeed look to improve its ticket pricing structure. However, "we'll look into it" is a far cry from any actual change, so for now fans must wait and see if a new pricing approach is actually taken once the new main stand is built.

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