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Ahead of Southampton Tilt, Adam Lallana Reflects On Summer Exit

The attacking midfielder regrets the way that his departure from Southampton went down.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Adam Lallana is a key component to Liverpool's attack, and his summer transfer from St. Mary's to Anfield has given Brendan Rodgers increased tactical flexibility. With a match up against Southampton on the horizon, Lallana reflected on the manner in which he left his former team.

"I'm not stupid enough to think the way I left didn't leave a sour taste in a few people's mouths," he told BBC Radio Solent. "I regret the way I left. I regret bits and pieces of how it happened and how it got nasty. It was sad the way it happened."

"What is true is that when I knew of Liverpool's interest and that they had put a bid in, I did say to the club it would be my wish if they could negotiate a fee for me to move on."

Unlike many high profile players who blame their former club for giving them no choice but to leave, Lallana admitted that his move to Liverpool was driven by his own ambitions.

"Not for one second did I say I wouldn't play for the club again. I'm man enough to say it was my choice and my decision for me to move on," he said.

It's clear that Lallana, who had 265 career appearances with the Saints, still feels an emotional connection to the place he once called home.

"Football is a fickle game - if I do get the jeers and the boos I'm just going to take it as them missing me playing down there because I miss Southampton. I miss the fans and I miss the good times we had down there," he said. "It's still not sunk in that I'm going to be playing against Southampton."

"The rawness of it all has got easier over the past six months. I've got huge respect for the club; part of me doesn't even know how I'm going to play. It's all a bit surreal. I just have to be professional and play well for Liverpool. I've got too much respect to celebrate [if I score]."

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