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Klopp Reminds Press They Made Up Title Run, Clarifies Transfer Window Expectations

Jürgen Klopp was not at his happiest after the loss to Newcastle, and the press felt the full power of his disdain has he skewered some of their more ridiculous questions.

"Remember, lads, your hand should always be on a lady's back when you are dancing, and not any lower."
"Remember, lads, your hand should always be on a lady's back when you are dancing, and not any lower."
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On the list of things that must be very annoying for a manager is the reality-starved English media deciding upon a narrative for his club that he's never once brought up himself. Jürgen Klopp spoke out last week that he wasn't at all committing to a title chase with the team he's helmed for less than two months, but this didn't stop the press from following up on an irritating loss away to Newcastle with questions about how said title chase might now be in jeopardy.

"I didn't hear anybody on this side of the table talk about this!" Klopp pointed out. "I have no problem if you (the media) want to talk about that, but please don't ask me now about this. I didn't say we were title contenders before, so why should I explain now why we are not?

"It's important to try to be in the middle. Not going nuts when you win, and not too crazy when you lose. This is not a reality check, it's only a bad game."

Klopp's levelheaded approach to the loss is welcome, as Liverpool were bound to lose another game at some point in the future. Fans may be disappointed that it came at the impotent hands of Newcastle, but after a dozen games and only two losses, it's hard to be too upset with how Liverpool continue to fare under Klopp.

It's a result Liverpool will have to move on from quite quickly, as they are in the thick of the holiday busy period. Advancement to the League Cup semi-finals has made January just as busy as December, but Klopp thinks busyness is no reason to make rash decisions in the transfer market once January hits.

"All of my German players and former colleagues send me messages, because they have holidays in two weeks!" Klopp said. "In the time between the end of the Bundesliga and its resumption, Liverpool have 10 games. I don't need to tell you what is easier!

"But I knew about this. And I hope we don't buy new players just because there is no winter break, because we knew this before. It's not a market for late decisions. I would like to work with this team, if that is okay with you!"

It's okay with us, Jürgen, though a little bit of reinforcement at fullback wouldn't be unwelcome.

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