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Benteke: "Man Conversation" with Klopp Helped Understand Manager's Expectations

Sometimes you just need a little one-on-one meeting with the manager to have that light bulb moment about what he wants you to do.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Despite scoring the game winner against Leicester City on Saturday, Christian Benteke came in for a bit of stick after the match due to his missing a wide open goal in a controversial offside moment late in the game. All misses aside, the goal was the difference on the day and Benteke confirmed that a chat with manager Jürgen Klopp helped him achieve that.

“I spoke with the manager a few days ago about where I can improve and what he is expecting from me,” Benteke said. “We had a good conversation. We had like a ‘man conversation’ and I think it is going to help me and help the team. Of course I am still a young player and I want to learn.

“Sometimes when you are a little bit on the side you try to understand what the manager needs and what he wants and we had a very good chat. I think I have to run more and I have to be there for my team-mates. You could see against Leicester that I showed I understand his message and now I have to keep going like that.”

Benteke has struggled since his arrival, and is often — perhaps unfairly — compared to other big name, high priced strikers in Liverpool's history who didn't end up contributing very much to the team. But Benteke is still in his debut season with Liverpool, operating under his second manager for the club, and is a young player to boot. Lots of things still need to click with this Liverpool team, and there's no reason to believe Benteke's involvement won't be one of them, especially if the "man conversations" continue.

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