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Klopp Not Bothered by Fixture Congestion

Jürgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool knowing he would face a daunting schedule that meant little time to train between matches, and he’s perfectly fine with that.

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Liverpool have won six of their last seven games and have only lost once in the two months Jürgen Klopp has been in charge. The club's new manager, though, isn't about to let himself get carried away by the was his side have played since he took over at the start of October.

"Maybe we could have done better, but so far it is okay," was Klopp's take, the manager stressing that while he is generally happy with results, there's still work to be done. "We are not even half way into the season; we have not had a long time together. I think we are giving the players as much as we can.

"Every day, if I tell them all the things I know, for sure it would be too much. It is all about the timing. The right amount of information is important because we don't want them going on the pitch with their papers thinking ‘what is point three'? We are just always looking for them to take the next step."

A busy schedule with league, cup, and European commitments has meant not a lot of time to work on the basics between matches, with the club facing two games a week and moving straight into preparing for the next match each time the previous one ends. That makes the changes all the more impressive.

Klopp, though, knew the challenges he would be facing moving to England, and he doesn't see the non-stop schedule and lack of down time as a problem to be concerned about. Instead it's a challenge to overcome for the German manager, whose focus this week is advancement in the Capital One Cup.

"It was not my idea to have more games, a second cup, and no winter break," he said. "You have had this for 25 years. I knew you played very often when I came and that is what we are doing. It's okay. I don't think we've done too bad until now. I'm not sitting in my office thinking it's too many games.

"We have an away game now, so we are not the favourites. But we are going to be real competitors and at the end we will see hat happens. Nobody has said to me, ‘yeah, go out of the cup so we have more time to train.' Our situation is that we are in all competitions. That is what we enjoy."

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