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Jerome Sinclair Unlikely to Extend Contract A.K.A. Aidy Ward Strikes Again

According to the Liverpool Echo, Jerome Sinclair has a new agent and is unlikely to be a Liverpool player beyond the end of the season.

Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

There were whispers over the summer that Jerome Sinclair could move on after missing out on Liverpool's pre-season tour. There was a tweet from the youngster referring to a "new chapter", which raised eyebrows somewhat in regard to the player's future. News of the omission in July was followed by heartening news from U21 manager Michael Beale in August that the player was doing his best, working hard, and focusing on the club.

Now it seems that whatever dispute there is surrounding the fledgling's contract extension may end the stay of the youngest player in the club's history. While these are things that just happen in football, it would be preferable if the 19-year-old stuck around for a bit longer. After making his debut at just 16 years and 6 days in Brendan Rodgers' first season at the club, such striking promise may have to be fulfilled elsewhere.

James Pearce of the Liverpool Echo highlighted the difficulty in extending an expiring contract with Aidy Ward involved as the player's representative. Yes, Raheem Sterling's blessed Aidy Ward. It seems as if Sinclair changed agents recently, and there is quite a gap to traverse for any agreement to be made. The offer from Liverpool doesn't quite match the demands being made.

Next month gives non-English clubs the opportunity to sign a pre-contract agreement with Sinclair, which would only provide Liverpool with relative pittance compared to what could be gained from a fee decided by tribunal in the event that Ward's client joins another English club in the summer. Next month Liverpool will find out how much Burnley are to be compensated for Danny Ings so a tribunal is not exactly a quick and simple process.

If he goes, he goes. If he stays, he stays. Jürgen Klopp is in charge, and if the most exciting and charismatic manager in the country with a philosophy that treasures young players isn't enough to convince a young striker to try to develop and possibly seize an opportunity at one of football's grandest clubs where strikers are deified, there really is no point in mourning or worrying about this potential departure.

Maybe he'll be the striking version of Paul Pogba or walk the path of Tom Ince, but in truth, a young player with not a senior goal to his name should not hesitate to play for a combination of Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool FC.

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