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Klopp Praises Anfield Atmosphere, Criticizes Pulis' Style of Play

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

In his post-match press conference after a 2-2 draw against West Brom, Jürgen Klopp said he's satisfied with how fans at Anfield got behind his team. When Divock Origi equalized in stoppage time, supporters were in full voice and after the match, Klopp and his players came together, hand-in-hand, to acknowledge the crowd.

"It was a big, emotional moment for us all," Klopp said. "The atmosphere was the best since I've been here. You need moments like this. You need moments like this at home."

"It's only a point, but everybody will talk about this game for the next five, six days. And that's important, that's what football is for, and so I'm satisfied."

Klopp was less pleased with the way that opposing manager Tony Pulis set up his team. For a man who likes to play attractive, aggressive football, the long balls and reckless challenges that come with any Pulis side must have been infuriating.

"This was not a game to lose because of the opponent," Klopp said.  "They played only long balls, only set plays. If you get points like this, fine, do it. But not here. We have to stop this."

"When you only play long balls you're not allowed to win against us."

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