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Ibe: “Everybody’s Angry”

Liverpool may have been the better side against Crystal Palace, but that’s not good enough for Jordon Ibe, who remains disappointed and angry about Sunday’s loss.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Seven games after Jürgen Klopp took charge, Liverpool suffered their first defeat under their new manager on Sunday afternoon on a day when the disappointing actions of a minority of fans ended up a bigger talking point than anything that happened on the pitch.

What happened on the pitch, though, remained the main focus for the players, who were disappointed to get nothing from a game in which they were the better side. Still, all that matters in the end is the final score, and the players know there are things they will need to work on.

"It's disappointing," young winger Jordon Ibe, one of Liverpool's standouts on the day, told the club's official website. "Everybody's angry. We played alright and created chances to get the goals but it just didn't come today [and] it shouldn't be an excuse having a mid-week game."

Early on, with Crystal Palace opening on the front foot, Liverpool's exertions in Russia on Thursday seemed as though they might be set to play a role. On the balance, though, Liverpool were the better side on the run of play and it was down to individual errors that they lost the match.

That doesn't make the loss any less disappointing, either for the fans or players. But one cannot forget that this is a side that started the season in terrible form, and that their new manager has only had a month so far to work with them. The signs are still all overwhelmingly positive.

"We didn't start the best," added Ibe. "It's just [about] improving on that and starting from the first minute, keeping the ball, keeping composure, building into the game and trying to win. New manager, new system, we're just trying to build and keep the confidence in the team.

"I thought the team did well today and we created chances, it's just frustrating not getting the goals. When we get back from international duty hopefully we can work on that and start again."

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