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Gerrard “Will Go Back to LA” Following MLS Offseason

Despite lots of talk about what Steven Gerrard might do when he got back to Liverpool, he’s yet to take the club up on an offer to train at Melwood and Jürgen Klopp says it won’t be more than that.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

When Steven Gerrard's MLS season wrapped and the former Red returned to Liverpool, it kicked off a week of speculation. Would the former captain train with the club? Would he be some kind of mentoring role during his offseason? Would he maybe even come back to Liverpool on loan in January?

In the end, it turned out the only option ever actually under consideration was that he would be allowed to train at Melwood if he wanted. And so far, Gerrard hasn't even done that much, instead choosing to relax for a couple of weeks. Maybe not surprising given he got no offseason when he moved to Los Angeles over the summer.

"No, he hasn't trained yet," said manager Jürgen Klopp when asked about whether Gerrard had joined up with the team since his return to Merseyside. "He's on holliday—and that's good. He's a really, really good person, so it was good to see him. We spoke about many things.

"He doesn't want to play this week; doesn't want to train this week. But if he wants to train then he can. He can use Melwood of course—he has for about 500 years! So that is no problem. Then he will go back to LA to train and play there."

The entire Gerrard situation has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been blown out of proportion by a media desperate for a story. That one of the main lines of questioning ahead of a clash with league leaders Manchester City only drives that home further. Hopefully, though, that can now stop.

Gerrard and Klopp have had a chat, and the Liverpool legend may or may not do some of his offseason training at Melwood. That he's been back in town for nearly a month now and has yet to do even that makes it easy to dismiss out of hand the speculation that he might be set to do more.

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