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Klopp Updates Sakho, Sturridge, and Lengthy Liverpool Injury List

With a big match against Manchester City set for Saturday, Jürgen Klopp spent much of his pre-match press conference addressing the status of Liverpool’s collection of injured first team players.

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Earlier today, striker Daniel Sturridge declared himself fit and ready to face Manchester City on Saturday. For updates on the rest of Liverpool's lengthy injury list, we had to wait for Jürgen Klopp to address the media at his pre-match press conference, and the news he had to share was mostly good.

"Ibe is back and Milner is back," Klopp told the gathered reporters. "Rossiter will start training on Sunday and Henderson part training next week—he's in a good way and may be back in training next week. It's also not so bad on Mamadou. It's not that serious, not like we first thought. It won't be Christmas 2016, so that's good."

Klopp wouldn't give specifics on Sakho's injury, but while confirmation he won't be out for a year with an ACL injury—something that was feared in the days following the match—is a good news, he still could be out until Christmas of this year if reports are to be believed. The alternatives could be worse, but it's still a major blow.

Otherwise, though, the news is mostly positive and in line with reports earlier in the week that Ibe and Milner would be in contention to start on Saturday while Henderson and Rossiter were likely to be ready to go again over the next week. Whether that means Bordeaux on Thursday or Swansea next Sunday is the new question.

As for Sturridge, while he may be fit to play again, after another lengthy layoff Klopp cast doubts on his starting chances, pointing out that he hasn't had much time to train. As such, it would be surprising to see anything other than Christian Benteke starting up top on Saturday, though Roberto Firmino could be the wild card option.

"He has to train again now, that's for sure," Klopp said when asked about Sturride. "For four-and-a-half weeks he couldn't train. No cycling or running. Everybody wants to see more of him but we have to find the right balance and we'll see."

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