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Lesson Time With Professor Klopp

Klopp's disappointment in fans leaving early grabbed the early headlines after the setback to Crystal Palace on Sunday, but his message to the players about learning from the experience was perhaps even more important.

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"It's not a problem to lose a game, that's football and it happens all the time. But we have to learn the right things and if we learn the right things tonight, then it was very important that we lost tonight and good that we lost tonight."

-Jurgen Klopp

Sunday's defeat at Anfield was one of the most disappointing in quite some time. After riding the wave of Klopptimism for a month, it all came crashing down thanks to two calamitous errors on one end, and many excellent chances left wanting on the other.

Despite the the reversal against Palace, Jürgen Klopp's Reds have acquitted themselves well during this opening salvo of games--7 in a 16 day period, across 3 competitions. The players could be excused for being physically and mentally taxed after running their hearts out (and sadly in a few cases knees and hamstrings) under the new boss.

Klopp doesn't want to hear any off it.

"We have to learn that we decide how strong we are, we decide how good we are, we decide how awake we are, we decide how tired we are - nobody else. But one of the biggest [differences] between a very good game against Rubin Kazan and the game today was that there was only one thing to talk about - is it too much? Is it too much playing tournaments? I decide if I'm tired, nobody else. If you can start after 15 minutes, then of course you can start in the first second. Today we needed a few minutes to come in and it was too late for this game. After 15 minutes, when you saw this, nobody knows why they were 1-0 in the lead. That's how we have to play, we made many good things. But for today it was not enough."

Professor Klopp channeled another great leader in red, reiterating his belief in mind over matter. He knows great teams fight from the first whistle to the last, a mentality he hopes to instill at Anfield.

"We decide when it's over. Of course, the whistle decides, but between 82 and 94 minutes, you could make eight goals if you want and we have to work for that."

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