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Klopp Laughs At Silly Reporters, Title Talks

The media asks stupid questions? You don't say. At least Jürgen Klopp got a good laugh out of it.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Teachers like to say "There's no such thing as a stupid question." This is one of those lies we tell our children, like "Anyone can become president" or, "Santa is coming to our local mall today from 12-5." Of course there are stupid questions, a truth you learn the hard way after asking a stupid question only to have the entire classroom turn to look at you before bursting out laughing. So I've heard.

The intrepid reporter who raised a question about Liverpool's title chances either had never experienced that early childhood memory, or had never learned his lesson.

"To fight for what?" Klopp's expressive face frowned in confusion as he tried to make sense of the question. The reported delved back into it, only to have his second effort cut off by the affable German, "Oh please, are you crazy? I was hoping that I don't understand the question."

"I've been here three weeks, round about, and everyone should win the league," Klopp continued. "But only one can win the league.We don't think about this. We have to think about the next game, about improving our game and our style. We can do much better than today. I feel [the win] is deserved. We have worked hard but it's normal if you want to win in Chelsea."

Although Liverpool fans would have gladly taken 5 points from Klopp's first 3 Premier League games had they been offered prior to the first kick-off at White Hart Lane, this is hardly title-winning form, especially considering the early struggles the Reds must still overcome.

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