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Klopp On Managing Expectations

Jürgen Klopp urged patience in his opening interview and press conference. Then he had to go and talk about winning titles, because of course he did.

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Wow. What a whirlwind this morning has been. We begged Rodgers & Co. to "Make Us Dream," but Jürgen Klopp wants us to start believing. Things are no longer "outstanding," but instead ultimately "cool."

I can see why the former Dortmund man is an effective manager, because after a 9-minute interview, and a 25-minute presser, I'm absolutely ready to believe in this charismatic and passionate leader.

Klopp managed to urge both patience and build expectations for the future. He repeatedly tried to calm the fan base by lowering expectations, and just before he finished, he raised them again by hinting at Liverpool's long-sought-after title.

Speaking like a man with recent vacation experience (or perhaps he had just seen the film "Up In The Air"), he said, "Expectations can be a really big problem, it's like a backpack with 20 kilos more." And in keeping with the backpack analogy, he said about the club's history, "History is only the base for us. You can't carry it in your backpack every day."

In the short term, specifically about the upcoming Tottenham debut, he said:

"I'm not here to promise that you will see the new LFC against Tottenham. But if you see a little bit of the new LFC, that would be cool!

"I'm here because I believe the potential of the team. I see the team and think everything is good.

"At this moment we're not the best team in the world, but who cares? We want to be the best team in the world. We have some problems and we have to solve them.

"We have speed and technical ability. The first game is Tottenham and we have to make a team for this game. I'm not a dreamer, I don't want Cristiano Ronaldo, I want these guys."

In short, this is a man who understands the club he's inheriting, and understands the work that needs to be done ahead of him.

However, he has a very clear goal at the end of the tunnel. It's a goal he elaborated on at the end of the presser:

"Please give us time to work on it. Please be patient. I don't say we have to wait 20 years, in 4 years I hope to win one title."

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