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Jürgen Klopp to Earn More than Double Brendan Rodgers' Old Salary

In case you doubted there would be great financial incentive for Klopp to move to Merseyside.

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Jürgen Klopp is a man who could command a job at any club, but he chose Liverpool. Theories abound as to what prompted him to emerge from his sabbatical early to take the reins at the Merseyside club, many of which are ground in the qualitative rather than the quantitative: the supporters, the history, the challenge.

But it would be silly to suggest that money doesn't have a part to play in these things, and Chris Bascombe of the Telegraph confirmed on Thursday that Klopp's contract is worth approximately £7 million per year, more than double the £3.25 million per year Fenway Sports Group were paying Brendan Rodgers during his tenure.

Prior to Rodgers being sacked, there was fear that the cost of dismissing the manager was too prohibitive for FSG to pull the trigger, but with Klopp's salary being significantly higher it's clear that money is no object for the owners when a major course correction is needed at the club.

The new £7 million salary catapults Klopp into the upper echelon of managerial salaries in the Premier League, placing him behind Jose Mourinho (£13.2 million / year), Arsene Wenger (£8.3 million / year), and ex-Bundesliga rival Louis van Gaal (£7.3 million / year). Unverified internet rumour has suggested that Klopp's reported wage includes performance escalators, which would be in keeping with FSG's approach to all new player contracts.

No matter the details of the compensation package, it's a significant investment in a manager. Klopp has the financial backing and support of the club, and with it the pressure to perform like the Top Four manager he's being paid as.

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