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Carlo Ancelotti Rules Himself Out of Liverpool and All Other Jobs until Next Summer

The Klopp In train is moving full speed ahead, but those who might have hoped for Carlo Ancelotti to derail that train will be sorely disappointed.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Though it hasn't even been three days since Brendan Rodgers was sacked as manager of Liverpool FC, some fans are already getting anxious over how "long" it's taking for the club to announce that Jürgen Klopp is Rodgers' successor. And of course, despite all the rumours that Klopp is set to arrive in Liverpool via Babelcopter for further conversations with the club's executives, there is no guarantee that in the end it will be Klopp at all.

If not Klopp, though, then who? The other top candidate — or at least the other candidate most often linked — for the position has so far been Klopp's fellow sabbatical-taker Carlo Ancelotti, but the former Real Madrid man took himself out of the running late on Tuesday.

"I enjoy my time now but, of course, I want to come back to manage — to work — because it is my passion," Ancelotti said to those waiting with bated breath at the Possible Future Managers of Liverpool conference in London. "I want to take my time to rest, but next season I am ready."

Liverpool's owners have promised to act quickly in appointing a replacement for Rodgers, plans that are at odds with the Italian's stated time frame for returning to the game. Klopp's appointment seems like a foregone conclusion in many areas of the press at the moment, and with Ancelotti now dropping out of the race, that it will be German who ends up in red seems to get more certain by the minute.

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