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Rumour Mongering: Coutinho To Barcelona

If rumo(u)rs are to be believed, the Catalan giants are about to make another raid for another one of Liverpool's prized Latin stars, this time the magical unicorn Philippe Countinho.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Although it seems like the rest of the world has stopped while we eagerly await the latest in #KloppForTheKop developments, the world of football continues revolving, and this particular set of rumor mongering is not the best.

Word on the street is that Barcelona, not content with the best attacking front-line in the game, nor content with leaving Liverpool alone after their last raid left the Reds completely Luis Suarezless, will be back this winter for Brazilian international Philippe Coutinho. According to The Guardian:

Whoever gets the job will have the immediate headache of stopping Philippe Coutinho from being bundled off to Barcelona. The Catalans haven't signed a flighty trickster in at least six months, so they'll rectify this by nipping in for the Brazilian and leaving £30m in FSG's safe when their transfer embargo is lifted in January.

If true, this is some cold water in the face and a cruel return to ETW territory. The cited £30m transfer fee would see Liverpool make a cool £21.5m profit off Coutinho, but that still feels like little consolation after being forced to give up other future attacking superstar Raheem Sterling this summer.

Hopefully, the Liverpool brass managed to insert a much higher number than £30m as a release clause in Coutinho's contract. Much higher, like all the gold at the end of all the rainbows, because how else do you expect to pay for a unicorn?

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