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Liverpool Promise “Decisive and Timely” Rodgers Replacement

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After sacking Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool have raised expectations with the promise of a "decisive and timely" replacement.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Brendan Rodgers barely had time to complete his post-match press conference following what, at least in other circumstances, might have been seen as a promising performance and draw with local rivals Everton when word broke that he had been officially let go as manager of Liverpool Football Club.

If the club's statement on Rodgers' sacking is anything to go by, fans won't have long to wait to find out who his replacement is. After taking a moment to thank Rodgers for his efforts and the "wonderful moments" he oversaw—and those moments should not be forgotten—they quickly moved to assure fans there is a plan for what comes next.

"The search for a new manager is underway," read the simple, unambiguous coda to Rodgers' departure notice released by the club, "and we hope to make an appointment in a decisive and timely manner."

Few will read that and expect to spend the next two weeks wondering who that next manager will be only to end up with Garr McAllister named interim head coach. Intentional or not—and the assumption has to be that Rodgers' sacking has been in the works for some time and anything the club says now has been very well thought out—the implication is that they already have a replacement lined up.

Anything less than that and it's hard to imagine "decisive and timely" making it into the official release. It's a loaded phrase that will only raise the expectations of fans who have had half an eye on Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp since the season began with Rodgers on the proverbial hot seat.

The club doesn't say "decisive and timely" without having a new manager lined up. They don't say it without that manager being a name that will excite the fans. And they probably don't sack Rodgers at all—not after backing him as strongly as they did over the summer—without that, either.

Fenway Sports Group backed Rodgers over the summer, giving him full control over transfers for the first time and a great deal of money. Now, far more quickly than anybody imagined possible, he's gone. That only makes any sense if there's a new plan and a new manager ready to be quickly put into place.