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Jürgen Klopp Backs Liverpool's Medical Team

Liverpool's manager refused to blame the club's medical team for the numerous injuries suffered by players this season.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Liverpool have the most injuries in the Premier League along with Arsenal. What usually happens when a side seems to suffer a lot of injuries with regularity is for the club's medical department to be questioned. Google "Arsenal medical team criticism" to see how bad that can get, although Arsenal have long had problems in that area. With Liverpool, it seems that one player gets injured as another returns from injury. That could just be bad luck, medical mismanagement, the capricious whims of the Football Gods, or signing too injury prone players.

Even though Jürgen Klopp has been Liverpool manager for less than a month, he made it clear that the medical specialists at the club are not to blame for the club's injury woes. There's also a bonus Jon Flanagan update, which should hearten Cafu along with other fans of the committed defender.

I think this is one of the departments that works perfect. I’m not sure about all because I’ve not met all yet, but here everything is fine. Chris (Morgan, head physio) and his team are working hard. There is no doubt from my side after two and a half weeks here. Look at the kind of injuries we have, it’s nothing to do with the medical department. It’s been because of hits or other things. In football no-one wants to wait but you have to wait. Recovery and rehab needs time. These two guys, Ingsy (Danny) and (Joe) Gomez are out for a long time, (Jordan) Henderson and (Jon) Flanagan are closer but not ready yet. Flanagan is back on the pitch but he needs time after his long journey with his knee injury. He looks good.

Klopp experienced a frightening amount of injuries in his final season at Borussia Dortmund, and for Liverpool, if any changes are to be made in terms of the medical team, it'd happen over time. Football can benefit from more advances in conditioning in general, and a few players in the game have experienced significant gains from personal plans.

It's hard to comment on the inner workings of the club on the medical side, but it's clear that a few injured players aren't likely to regularly suffer from injury. Jordan Henderson is durable, Danny Ings suffered a knee injury at Burnley a few seasons ago that kept him out for six months but has a good record of being fit, being Kolo doesn't usually involve injuries, and Joe Gomez suffered misfortune that sometimes creeps up on the shoulders of young footballers.

If Liverpool's injury situation continues into 2016 with injuries popping up like unfortunate knees, further questions will be rightly asked. For now, Klopp seems satisfied with his lot.

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