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Mignolet: Liverpool Will Start Finding The Net

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In a night when Liverpool once again threw everything at the opponent except a literal kitchen sink, but only managed to come away with a solitary goal and a solitary point, the Belgian keeper remained positive about Liverpool's attacking prowess in the future.

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To anyone watching Liverpool over the last year, it's easy to see that the Reds have an obvious goal scoring problem. Although Reds can be optimistic of a new dawn under Jürgen Klopp, that dawn won't come overnight that dawn is still yet to come.

The team is adjusting to Klopp's style and demands, and that adjustment is likely to continue for sometime. When Klopp explained after the Tottenham match that Liverpool, "Were not cool enough" with the ball, he perfectly sums up the struggles we've seen far too often.

Liverpool's attackers are both too impatient--taking long-range shots and trying to force passes in and around the box, and too indecisive--taking too long on the ball, telegraphing moves, and allowing defenders to get back into position.

Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet--whose excellent save at the half-hour mark prevented the visitors from walking away with all three points--thought Liverpool's performance warranted more goals, andis confident that they will come soon.

"Second half we created a lot, played a lot around their box," Simon says, "But unfortunately we didn't manage to create that one chance that would've given us the second goal. There are a lot of positives to take, a lot of chances created - when you play at home you want that. And the next time I'm sure we'll score more goals than the one we got today."

Mignolet and other Reds seemed optimistic after last night, which can be seen as a good sign when comparing attitudes just a few weeks back under Rodgers. Still, that last night had so many parallels with the 1-1 draw "win" against Carlisle United in the League Cup last month. Liverpool controlled possession, but conceded far too easily on one of the few chances the opponents created. Liverpool were by far the better side (especially with a man advantage), but were wasteful in possession, and took far too many off-target shots from outside the box.

"Sometimes you need that luck when the ball bounces just in front of you, a little deflection or anything," Mignolet continued, "Unfortunately that didn't happen today and we have to accept that."

The Belgian keeper isn't wrong that sometimes a little bit of luck goes a long way, but at some level Liverpool must start creating their own luck. The Reds only managed a few penetrating attacks into the opponent's box last night, and not surprisingly, those created the best chances of the night.

Hopefully Klopp can help Liverpool become a little cooler in the attacking third, and that should create quite a bit more "luck" for the Reds going forward.