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Klopp to Speak with FA Over Preventable Rossiter Injury

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You can insert your "beating a dead horse" jokes here, but Jürgen Klopp isn't wrong that treating young players like slaughtered stallions maybe isn't the best way to ensure their proper development.

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You know Jürgen Klopp is settling in as Liverpool manager when he is already embroiled in his very first disagreement with the FA. Like many of his predecessors, Klopp found himself angry with the powers that be in England's national team set up when young Jordan Rossiter played an unheard of three full matches in the span of five days for England's U19 side.

"These young players are our future," Klopp said on the subject. "If we handle them like horses, we get horses. Rossiter is a special story. I don't know who I have to talk to about this but I will find a way to talk with somebody about this because it is not OK."

Presumably England is aware that young players like Rossiter are their future as well, not just Liverpool's, yet that hasn't prevented them from overplaying a youngster who will now miss Klopp's first Europa League match due to a hamstring injury picked up on international duty.

The England U19s are in the midst of qualifying for the U19 European Championship taking place next summer in Germany. The Liverpool ECHO is under the impression that there was added pressure for England to finish top of their group, which they ultimately did with seven points from three matches.

Whether an injury to the omnipresent Rossiter was worth it to the FA remains to be seen, but nonetheless England's governing body for football will allegedly be reaching out to Klopp regarding his concerns. It wouldn't be going too far out on a limb to suggest that he's unlikely to be satisfied by their explanations.