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Klopp "Considering" Ending Lazar Markovic Loan Early

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As the German manager continues to shape his squad, some players may get a second chance at life after being marginalized by Brendan Rodgers.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

When Brendan Rodgers sent Lazar Markovic out on loan to Turkish club Fenerbahçe at the end of August, the move was met with a collective head scratch by fans. It was clear that Rodgers didn't rate the young Serbian, having left him off the team sheet entirely during Liverpool's first four matches of the season before, but Markovic seemed to fill a gap in the side that only an underperforming Jordon Ibe might otherwise fill.

But Liverpool struggled, Brendan Rodgers was fired, and suddenly a handful of marginalized players had a second opportunity to make a first impression on their new manager Jürgen Klopp. Those still on Merseyside certainly have an advantage when it comes to impressing the statuesque German, but that's not to say that players sent abroad won't have their chance as well.

To that end, Klopp is rumoured to be considering cutting Markovic's loan short in order to bring the winger back to Liverpool during the January transfer window. Markovic spent a three week period sidelined with a back injury, but has otherwise made a positive impact on Fenerbahçe's fortunes this season.

Of course, "considering" isn't the same as "totes gonna do it." Klopp is likely considering all sorts of things at the moment — who is included in his strongest starting eleven, which positions need reinforcement in January, whether or not it would be an abomination or feel like a little bit of home if he visited the Bierkeller — and the fate of his fringe players is likely high on the list.

For Markovic, regular playing time will certainly still be his main goal for this season. Whether that's at Fenerbahçe until the end of May or a return to Liverpool in time for the start of the FA Cup and possible Europa League knock-out rounds will be up to the manager he's never met.