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Kolo Touré: Liverpool Owe Fans a Merseyside Derby Win

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What better chance to lift the spirits around the club than with a classic win in England's most volatile derby!

Romain Perrocheau/Getty Images

There are not a lot of things going right at Liverpool FC right now. Though the club are undefeated in five matches across all competitions, it's of little consolation to fans who are rightly demanding an improvement in performances on the pitch. Kolo Touré captained an uninspiring Liverpool side in their draw against European visitors FC Sion, and thinks he has pinpointed where the Reds went wrong.

"It was a frustrating night for us," Touré told the Liverpool Echo after the match. "When you create so many chances like that you have to kill the game. It's happened a number of times this season – not being clinical enough and then giving away soft goals. We have to be better at both defending and scoring goals.

"I don't think we under-estimated Sion. It was just that we didn't have that killer instinct. When play against a team like that you need to get the second goal to kill them mentally."

It's arguable that Liverpool haven't displayed a killer instinct at any point this season, and it's worth remembering that even that much needed second goal wouldn't have been enough to kill off Aston Villa's joie de vivre last weekend. Still, Touré is eager to put FC Sion behind him and focus on the coming task once Liverpool return to Premier League action on the weekend.

"This is the derby and it's going to be a big, big fight," Touré continued. "It's a good time for us to get back to winning and give something to our fans. At the moment we feel that they aren't very happy with us. This is a good time to show them that we want to make them happy. We can do that by beating Everton."

Liverpool fans will have felt that the team might have felt inclined to make the fans happier at a far earlier point in the season, but for those lacking a time machine, the next best opportunity to put things right is always the very next match.